DON’t you wish your striker was RVP?

Alas! The summer’s most drawn out saga has come to an end. Bar a failed medical, Robin Van Persie will become a Manchester United player in the next few days. United announced last night that a deal has been agreed with Arsenal to transfer the reigning PFA Player of the Yaer and last season’s top scorer to the red half of Manchester. His move brings to three the number of players signed by United in the off-season, joining German player of the year Shinji Kagawa and prodigy Nick Powell in signing for the Red Devils. With the transfer all but complete, its time to analyze what RVP’s arrival will imply for MUFC.

First off, I’ll have to admit I was adamant against United moving for RVP. My main reason for objecting to this move was the effect his arrival would have on the younger players at the club whom much was expected from this season. Being an undroppable player, the Dutch striker would would compel us to employ a system with two strikers against the prevalent lone striker system of modern football. With RVP and Rooney up front, Shinji Kagawa would be forced to play much deeper, negating his exemplary skill and awareness which is best utilized in the final third. I argued against such deep deployment here.

Robin Van Persie’s arrival would also curtail the burgeoning career of young Danny Welbeck. As reds would know, Danny looks likely to be the first striker to break through form United’s reserves system since Mark Hughes in (1986). Welbeck formed a nice partnership with fellow Englishman Wayne Rooney last season, displacing Javier Hernandez and Dimitar Berbatov from the first eleven. After an impressive Euro 2012 outing, Welbeck seemed poised to take off. With RVP in the squad however, Danny will have to contend with much less game time which will undoubtedly hinder his progress. The less said about Javier Hernandez the better as his hitherto limited appearances will diminish even further.

Despite all these obvious reasons as to why we didn’t need to make the RVP move, its now water under the bridge and we gotta start looking at the positives. First off, RVP is a world class player and I won’t complain with the addition of such a classy player to the team. With Rooney and RVP, we have the best strike force in English football if not the whole of Europe. Last season, the two scored a combined 71 goals. Defences all over Europe will be shitting themselves at the thought of facing the two world class strikers.

What the arrival of RVP indicates is that Fergie sees the number ten as Rooney’s best position. With last season’s 34 goals from this deep lying role, its hard to argue the case against this line of thought. As such the two can strike a perfect complimentary partnership as their ideal positions do not overlap. Van Persie excelled playing the number 9 position at Arsenal and with Rooney ploughing in goals from further back, the prospect of both getting 30 goals each isn’t far feteched.

With the defensive midfield position blind to Fergie hence our defence being exposed, Van Persie’s signing adds to our already impressive attacking options making it a case of trying to outscore the opponents this season. This will be a stark contrast to the dour 1-0 scorelines we’ve been accustomed to in the last few seasons. I’m sure this is something reds will relish despite the occasional heart-in-mouth moments that accompanies the 5-3 scorelines.

In terms of the system to be played, Fergie will move or less replicate last season’s 4-4-2 and its slight variations. As noted earlier, RVP will start uptop with Rooney tucked behind him in the hole. TonyV and Nani will cover the wings with Carrick and Kagawa playing in central midfield. Carrick will sit back and build up play/ intercept possession from the opponents with Kagawa shuttling back and forth much like Scholes did with Keano behind him in that most amazing of midfield partnerships. In fact, the more you look at it, the more you realize the line up will resemble the treble team. After much experimenting, Fergie has taken it back to his classic system as he builds what he probably sees as his last great side. Suddenly, we have moved from slight ambivalence to wanting the season to start in excitement. Opponents should be afraid. Very afraid.

Finally, RVP’s arrival is a chance to laugh at Arsenal football academy club  and its loud fans. Since Vieira’s exit in 2005, the club/academy has seen a steady exodus of their star players in their prime. Arsenal has perfected the art of nurturing talent for the big teams to cherry pick from. Ever summer, the club’s star player (and most likely captain) leaves the club under a ‘Judas’ tag to achieve success elsewhere. What these fans fail to see is that theirs is a team that isn’t at the very top of the game and is struggling to accept this. For a team that views Champions league qualification as the barometer for a successful season, it shouldn’t come as a surprise when the star player becomes ambitious and wants to win things. Its symbolic that Vieira’s departure marked the beginning of the drought that is now entering its eighth year. They have at least made the effort to secure replacements early enough ensuring the loss won’t sting as much. Curiously though, how do Arsenal allow the players to run down their contracts and find themselves in this position every summer? For a club that specializes in selling their best players, you’d half expect them to try maximize on such deals. Either the club is plain daft or in denial. With Arsene ‘I didn’t see it’ Wenger, its more likely the latter. Whatever the case, this is an apt opportunity to all point at Arsenal and laugh. All together now, HAHAHAHAHAHAHAHAHAHAHAHA. AHAHAHAHAHAHAHAHA.

Let the games begin.

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26 thoughts on “DON’t you wish your striker was RVP?

  1. moses

    Arsenal need an answer to RVP and Podolski aint it.Am sure this 20th season UCL is a no-no for them

  2. Shebe

    Nice one. Bang on point

  3. Njeri

    I’m one of those who didn’t want him to come to United. After this though, I’m buzzing for the season to start already.
    Worried about the effect his move will have on Danny though.

    • Exactly my sentiments. From ‘don’t sign him’ to ‘can’t wait to see him play for us.’ Danny and Chicha too. We’ll see how it goes but we had Sheringham and Solskjaer with the Yorke-Cole combo. Sure Fergie will find a way of accommodating all of them. Macheda?

  4. Nnaemeka

    Great article, as usual, but nothing can assuage my agony at this signing. We have absolutely no need for him. Kagawa and Carrick in midfield? What happens to the impressive Cleverly, who looked great at the Olympics and even in last night’s game for England, where he rotated around the midfield? Anderson has looked good in preseason, and the coaches have given him a lot of s

  5. Nnaemeka

    Great article, as usual, but nothing can assuage my agony at this signing. We have absolutely no need for him. Kagawa and Carrick in midfield? What happens to the impressive Cleverly, who looked great at the Olympics and even in last night’s game for England, where he rotated around the midfield? Anderson has looked good in preseason, and the coaches have given him a lot of playing time.

    • Thanks Nnaemeka. I get where you are coming from but if you look at the bigger picture, the team benefits from this signing much as it may be detrimental to individual players. I thought you’d be happiest given how you’ve vouched for a 4-4-2 for the longest time. We can now play 4-4-2 against any team and be confident of beating them.

      • Nnaemeka

        Yeah, but we coulda done that with Rooney – Kagawa or Rooney-Danny or Kagawa/Chicha/Berba/Macheda/Bebe lol. At least, Danny used to track back to win calls. I don’t see Robin doing that.

      • loso

        i highly doubt if the other so called team has three in the middle what happens coz the control possession hence control the game and we hav carrick who intercepts and does a job a good one but he is not ideal for a 442,look at how man city dominated us last season at wastelands

    • Nnaemeka

      Worst of all, it creates so much limited playing time for players like Berbatov, Scholes, Giggs, Macheda, Bebe, Fletcher and the boys on the reserve team (Lingard, Cole, the Keanes, Tunnicliffe etc). All because of one guy. So sad. And we can’t have paid so much for only one season, so maybe Chicha and Dan will want to look for first team football elsewhere. We’ll Lose Hernandez marketing appeal…

      • Nnaemeka

        in Latin America, less revenue, the Glazers pull out, we become like Portsmouth…lol. I know I’m engaging in paranoia and hyperbole, but that’s how much I don’t want RvP. Goals were never our problem.

      • Haha, you’ve gone all apocalyptic there. Well, he’s one of us now so we gotta accept it and cheer him on. Berba has to go now surely. Giggs and Scholes were going to be used sparingly anyway. Bebe is Bebe and Macheda has to at least go on loan. The kids never had a chance anyway. Danny and Chicha will undoubtedly bear the brunt of the signing but they are young. Remember Cole, Yorke, Teddy and Ole at once? And it was a 4-4-2. Now that aside, just think of how yummy RVP and Rooney combo will be. Mind blowing.

  6. kimjobil

    24 million pounds for a 29 year old striker with one year left, who has a long history of injuries is a good deal for Arsenal.
    no matter how you look at it.
    this isn’t a player with his best days AHEAD.I will wager RVP will never score thirty goals in one season, again in the e.p.l
    this deal is a gamble for both teams.for Ferguson, he has to figure out how to play rvp, Rooney and kagawa in the same side without unbalancing the midfield and inviting too much pressure on the defence. for wenger, he hopes that cazorla, podolski and giroud bed in quickly and score goals to ensure Arsenal keep moving forward.
    another thing, Rooney and RVP will be a great strikeforce. in an era where MIDFIELD is the key in a team, only time will tell if it will narrow the gap between united and the Barcelona, real Madrid, Bayern Munich and even man citys in the champions league.
    united fans can laugh all they want, but looking at this deal in perspective, Arsenal losing RVP isn’t the same as losing Fàbregas, Nasri or even flamini.
    we got the money, we got the replacements and potentially a stronger squad than last season.
    of course, we will see who’s laughing when it really matters-at the end,not the beginning of the season

    • Losing your best player, top goal scorer and captain isn’t a good deal Kim no matter how you try to spin it. Especially not at a throw away price like you did. RVP is a world class player and they don’t come cheap.

      True Fergie will have difficulty trying to fit all those attacking players in but we’d rather have those kinds of problem than lacking options. We can bet that RVP will get thirty goals in all competitions. Put your money where your mouth is gooner! As for last laugh, when was the last time you had that?

  7. Michael MOP751

    Welbeck better not get wasted….nani also better not be overlooked.
    wats ur take on nani-young-valencia coz 1 of the 3 is going yo have it rough

    • Welbeck will get his chance. Third choice behind Rooney and RVP at age 21 is not a bad scenario if you look at it well. As for the wings, I’m hoping Young spends more time on the bench than the other two. It remains to be seen but form and injury will definately play a part in determining who starts.

  8. 1st of all LOOOOVE THE TITLE! HAHAHA!!! Now you got me singing it to PCD song!

    2ndly, like you I didn’t want him to join our club either because of overshadowing the younger rising stars and some of the more established players getting sidelined, but also because as amazing as he is I NO LIKEY HIM!!!!

    3rdly, as usual brilliant writing as always! You shoukld be getting paid to instruct people to point and laugh at arsenal. Seriously, your knowledge of the football universe and its rich history is impressive! Mashallah!

    • Far too kind Oshin. I am humbled. Ati ‘getting paid to instruct people to point and laugh at Arsenal’..hahaha. Too funny. I know what you mean regarding his persona but don’t forget the last arrogant dutch striker we had used to bang in the goals. We had room for one arrogant prick I guess. A world class one at that. Once again thanks for the kind words.

  9. Njeri

    hahaha…Nnaemeka. Dude has me laughing.

  10. Titto Gooninho

    worry not good people who mind abt danny n chicha…as an arsenal fan al tel u RVP has only been exceptional this season, his a very injury prone character who has Song n walcott to thank for 25 of his 30 goals…laugh at us all u want i am sure our strikers will perform better thn him come end season…see you then!!

    • For Song and Walcott, insert TonyV and Kagawa. Then tell me he won’t outscore your strikers in their debut season in English football. Dream on gooner.

  11. loso

    i just hope fergie isnt losing it coz where does rvp fit in?
    since he and rooney are un dropable what is the plan what system are we to use ?442 needs an enforcer like keane tiote etc hard tackler and someone quick carrick isnt that thought we were bridging the gap btwn us and narca but truth is we are moving backwards football has evolved

    • The plan might be to score the opponents in a 4-4-2 like the treble days. Might just work.

      • loso

        then pressure to our defence,we might be winning games 5-3 etc and not 3-0 ad rather we are steady in all departments.
        i thought we would move to a high pressing game but i do not think rvp is a hard worker.atleast we now hav a great set piece taker

  12. Arnold

    The last time a transfer hurt like this was when Anelka left Arsenal and he did not even go to an EPL team !
    Now Song is leaving to go Barcelona and Darren Dein (son of David Dean, Best man at Henry’s Wedding ) and part of the red Holdings owned By Alisher Usmanov , will not have a client at Arsenal . is it a scheme by Kroenke , Gazidis and Le prof to remove elements of usmanov.??…nway thats politics

    Well from a football view it is a loss , it is even a bigger loss that he has gone to Man U
    Imagine if Christiano went to Chelsea?
    Imagine if Rooney went to Man City ?
    Imagine if your hot babe/wife went out with the guy you HATE most ! Ouch

    It has taken Wenger eons to see project youth aint working . His replacements have been a statement of intent , His willingness of intent to LET players leave freely is also a statement Keen Arsenal fans will look at critically .If only squillaci,Djourou, Bendtner ,arshavin,Diaby, Denilson,Park Wellington,J.Campbell etc etc could be offoaded and clear the wage bill.Unfortunately, they cant because nobody wants them. so we have to sell whoever clubs come knocking for . Are we a selling club? yes ..Are we a buying club?…..FINALLY
    You can laugh us at now , if I was in your shoes I would do the same .

    RVP thanks for the 132 goals, UCL qualification,for the 30,000 Pounds you donated to charity for scoring 30 goals!

    See you on Nov 3rd , if you stay FIT !

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